I am looking for a hard working individual with clean appearance and good work ethic.

If you think you're a good match then please answer the following questions as best you can in your own words.


Place your answers with corresponding numbers in the form at the bottom of the page.

Don't think too hard on them. The whole thing should not take you longer than 15 minutes.


I will get back to you and let you know if I'd like to talk to you further or not.

Thanks for your interest in ClearFX Window Cleaners!


Ps. Don't worry...all your answers are secure and the only one who will see them will be me..Richard Fielding.



1) You may be asked to get to a job site on your own. 

Do you have your own transportation? If yes, what do you have...a car, a truck, a van, bicycle, bus etc?

Even if you don't own your own vehicle, DO YOU HAVE A VALID DRIVER'S LICENCE? 

2) Where do you currently live now? (don't need an address...just an area) 

3) Do you own a cell phone with texting capabilities and what operating system is it...Apple, Android or Windows. 

4) Have you ever window cleaned as a job before? If so, how long as a job and what was involved.

If not then just answer 'no'. 

5) Do you smoke? 

6) Can you give me any references and their phone number? 

7) What year did you graduate from high school and what was your favourite subject? 

What was your worst subject? 

8) How tall are you? 

9) If I were to call your reference or talk to a friend...how would they describe your personality?

How would that reference/friend describe your everyday appearance and dress? 

10) Are you afraid of heights? 

11) In your own words...If you had to bring a 10 foot extension ladder into someones house on a rainy day...How would you approach that problem? 

12) You've been trained and I feel your good to work on your own so I've left you on your own in another part of a house from me. The homeowner suddenly appears and tells you that you are "doing a terrible job" cleaning their windows....How do you respond? 

13) Same scenario as above but this time the homeowner says you're "doing a good job". 

I come along and tell you that your work is not good enough...how do you respond? 

14) If given a choice, would you rather manage or be managed? 

15) I may or may not need you in the office some days so these are not critical to my hiring decision but may prove helpful in the future.

-Do you have any office experience? If so describe.

-Are you familiar with a Mac computer?

-Are you familiar with the Microsoft Excel program? 

16) Where did you hear or see about this posting?



Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.