Pure Water-Fed Pole videos

How it works

If you've ever wondered what all the hubbub is about 'pure water fed pole' systems and how they are able to clean windows...this cool little video by this Aussie will clear things up for you :)



A typical setup

Just showing a typical set up here. Couldn't film myself water poling.



Demonstration on a house

This is a quick demonstration on some lower windows and railings (the upper ones had already been cleaned) using our Ultra Pure Water Pole.

Ignore my Rambo look. It was a hot day and before I had any company logo shirts.



Demonstration on a large house

Here is one of my first attempts at filming me using my new Pure Water Fed Pole system. It was a hot day but the windows came out beautifully clear as you will see in the lower videos.



Large house part 2

This is a continuation of the Large house demonstration.
I'm working on the lower windows now as the uppers are done and drip dried.
Between the two video's you can see the process of moving along the higher rows and then coming back to the lower and lower rows as the higher ones dry.



Large house part 3 - drying nicely

Good contrast as the windows dry and still have water droplets on them but will dry spotless as will be seen in part 4 of 'Hot day'.



Large house part 4 - completley clear

In this part 4 the windows have completely dried and are shown to be completely spotless and shiny clean :)



Spotless clear FX

Once again just showing how spotless and shiny clean the windows come out with this Ultra Pure Water Cleaning system.



Traditional Window Cleaning video's



Large window cleaning with squeegie

Filming myself here I demonstrate one way of cleaning large windows on a house.
I take care to clean off the frames and sills. These windows were just full of bug poop and spots so I take extra care and a little extra time on the glass, using a scraper as I go.



Glass door cleaning with squeegie

Filming myself again I demonstrate a technique for doing door glass (or sliding door glass) which is usually narrow and tall.
Again I take care with the owners home and wipe up.



Glass railing cleaning with squeegie

Filming myself here I demonstrate the cleaning of glass railings. Too bad the table's in the way but you get the idea.



Proffesional techniques with squeegie

I have to get a better way of filming my work I know but until then I hope you can bare with me.
Here...what you can see and hear of will see several techniques put together on these various sized windows.
Again treating the owners home as though it were mine I'm careful to clean and wipe the frames and sills for a very professional finish.



Inside the Glass house

In this short video I just pan around the inside of the house to show from the inside what I'm dealing with and explain a little on how I approach and finish off the higher windows and glass stair railings.
I don't mention it in the video but obviously I would have had towels and a large drop clothe in this house to protect the flooring and furnishings as well.
I also make sure any ladder work is performed on a clothe or clean rubber matte.



Inside the Glass house part 2

Just some more of the inside of the same house. This time looking out and down from the 'glass room'.



Okanagan Lake - North end

Just taking a break from window cleaning and decided to film a little of the beautiful country I live in. Vernon is in really a beautiful setting nestled at the apex of three lakes.
This is just the north end of Okanagan Lake, BC Canada.



And now some FUN STUFF :)

You have to admit...this guy is just fun to watch!



More will be coming soon!

In the mean time, enjoy these kite surfer dudes. Looks like fun!